March 25, 2023by blueadmin

We have many accessories to offer which you can buy and make the memorial more memorable. Some of the best ones we offer are:

Porcelain Photos

The entire purpose of a grave marker or a tombstone is to memorialize those that came before us. What better way is there to truly memorialize someone than by creating a high-quality porcelain photo for their headstone?

For years, people have added porcelain photos to headstones to personalize gravesites. At Enduring Images, we create the highest quality custom porcelain photos for use on monuments, gravestones, and headstones. We have installed thousands of porcelain photos to headstones for years. If you require high-quality alternatives to personalized photos on headstones, we’re here to help. Advancements in laser copiers, laser printers, and the perfection of ceramic toners now allow us to create perfect replicas of existing photographs. They can be reproduced on small ceramic tiles or across a mural-like arrangement of multiple ceramic tiles.


Many cemeteries discourage any permanent plantings in front of the memorials. To allow you to leave flowers, flags and other items, we can install a permanent, on base vase holder, as shown on the left, or an in ground unit that is installed in front of the memorial. The in-ground unit can be turned over and stored in a cylinder below the ground, when not in use.

Vases are made in matching granite colors and in various styles. They are made of a strong, durable material, which is weather resistant and will stand the test of time.

We offer vases in different types i.e. granite vase, inground metal vase and metal vase over the ground. Many options are there to choose the best one for you.


One of the most attractive accessories are Medallions which are used on bronze plates on the headstones. You can choose variety of options and can be used more than one on any bronze.