Death Date Engraving

March 26, 2023by blueadmin

When the time comes to do death date engraving or add a photo or final inscription to your headstone one call does it all. We will visit your site and take a photo to match the fonts and sizes of lettering. We then give you a complete costing for the on-site engraving. Next we return to our shop and create the stencil for engraving. We schedule a visit and return to the cemetery for the actual engraving and paint.

Our state of the art engraving will closely resemble the original text, font and depth to match the original stone. Most families choose to have the entire stone re-painted at this time so all the letters look the same. This is an additional cost for the service.

We provide final date engraving on memorials already in place at a cemetery. We do this work on site and since it is not included on the original purchase there is a charge for this service. You have to Pre-buy the death date engraving service as it can take up to 3-6 month time to get everything done for you.

We can match up any engraving whether the memorial was purchased from us or not.